Pre-Mission Training

Slight update to the title – my nickname is Mars, so now by popular request, this site is “Mars on Mars”.

The crew all touched down in Hawaii on Tuesday, tired and jet-lagged but excited to be together again and looking forward to the mission. After crashing hard on Tuesday night, we started up with basic training on all the NASA psych studies on Wednesday morning.

The studies have some interesting goals, but I can see survey fatigue already becoming an issue over 8 months. There are a LOT. There is also wearable electronics for data collection on our stress levels, collection of saliva samples, and mandatory computer game playing. It’s all pretty new still, but I think as we get more used to the routine, and what each experiment is trying to achieve, I’ll have some more interesting commentary on it all.

I am going to go hang out in the sun and soak up some Vitamin D while waiting for my next round of testing. Tomorrow we’re off to the Dome for two days of training on all the facilities there. Expect updates involving how to poop on Mars* soon!

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5 Responses to Pre-Mission Training

  1. Lyn Shoniker says:

    lol, Mars, looking forward to the update on “pooping”!

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  2. Ruth Germann says:

    Hey Martha! We will be following you every day. The Germanns

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  3. Mary Anne Lenio says:

    Me too!


  4. Anna says:

    And the mandatory video games. Which ones? Mario Bros??


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