This one is for Elham…

I’m slowly going to make my way through the whole Cultural Exchange Cookbook over the next 8 months, and tonight was Persian – Loobia Pollo, as learned from my friend Elham. Here we have Jocelyn, Zak, and Sophie enjoying some delicious rice & beans:

2014-10-21 01.33.20

I must say, we have been eating pretty well in the Dome, considering everything is freeze dried or dehydrated. We’ve had a couple of excellent pasta nights, and a shepherd’s pie as well so far. And I’m making yogurt as we speak, so Indian food is in the works.

We have a lot of instant meals as well, for when power is low, or we are lazy, but that’s a bit less fun. Last week was actually the inaugural Cultural Exchange Cookbook dish, and I did Rishi’s eggplant curry, but that was back when I had real food to cook with. I don’t think we have any freeze dried eggplant, so it’ll be a while before we see that kind of a dish again. We did get a magical supply drop from some Bots today though, in which there were fun items that were missing since we arrived, such as dried prawns, and Kraft Dinner. It felt like Christmas!

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2 Responses to This one is for Elham…

  1. Andy P says:

    Best of luck with the mission, I hope it doesn’t descend into anarchy in there! (I’ll try to resist the temptation of dressing up as an alien and knocking on your windows…)


  2. Some of this was good background to our students. Their questions to all of you will be with you, shortly – via Jocelyn. Thank you for agreeing to do this.


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