The Internet On Mars

So to simulate what communication would be like on Mars, they’ve put our internet on a 20 min delay. This means that any “live” features on the web no longer work for us. And in fact, most of the internet just doesn’t work because the searches will just time out. We’re supposed to have a “Whitelist” for sites like banks, and certain static sites for research, but the method they’ve set up for this leaves something to be desired. In fact, this is what I see pretty much every time I try to use a browser:


So I just gave up. I’m not going to use the Internet for the next 8 months. E-mail still works, so I’ll just e-mail people every time I want to look something up. And for blog posting, Lucy has agreed to be my “Ghost Writer”, so she’s got my login info, and I’ll just send her e-mails and she’ll post them.

For me, this if friggin’ awesome. E-mail is my preferred method of internet communication, and falls just short of snail mail as my most fav ever. Some of the crew is hurting a bit though. It would be seriously awful if I was trying to finish a PhD and couldn’t get access to Google Scholar. Or the LaTeX wiki. I’m glad I made no further plans than trying to make an awesome garden and get some knitting done. And learn the ukelele, of course 🙂

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