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15 Seconds of Fame

Shortly after we entered the Dome, NBC came by to film some footage of HI-SEAS. They were in the area covering the volcano that’s erupting and about to wipe out a village, then heard about us and thought it would … Continue reading

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It actually snowed here in Hawaii last night! Not where we are exactly, but we can see it up on the other mountain, around the Mauna Kea observatory. Pretty cool! Not very Mars-like, though. Unless you’re at the ice caps. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from the HI-SEAS Mission III Crew!

Merry Christmas everyone! Over the past two days we made this video to share some Christmas cheer from the Dome. Enjoy!

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Christmas Card

Hi all! We took our Christmas Card photo yesterday. Merry Christmas from the HI-SEAS Mission III Crew!

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End of an Era

Today was the end of an era. The Colbert Report has come to an end. Well, it was today for us. For the past month, we’ve been getting Colbert re-aired to us the morning after, and getting our comedy news … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Uncle Long Neck!

Well, you did ask for it….

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It’s Almost Christmas!!!

We put up our tree today! Yep, we have a teensy little Christmas tree here on Mars. Check it out! We also got a bunch of lights that we strung up around the Hab: As you can see, there’s a … Continue reading

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Martian Ethics

Over the month of November, the crew made a series of three videos on the ethics of space and Martian exploration for Sophie’s brother’s engineering ethics class at Oakland University. We are by no means philosophers, and the production quality … Continue reading

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My World’s Are Colliding!

Brock, my brother-in-law, ran in to Chris, from the HI-SEAS First-Tier Support, at a bar in Edmonton last night. My world’s are colliding!

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Thanksgiving on Mars

Man, I’ve been meaning to get this post up for days now. We had an excellent American Thanksgiving on Mars. Check out the dinner: There is: Roast turkey and vegetables, green bean casserole with fried onion, mashed potatoes and gravy, … Continue reading

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