End of an Era

Today was the end of an era. The Colbert Report has come to an end. Well, it was today for us. For the past month, we’ve been getting Colbert re-aired to us the morning after, and getting our comedy news fix sated over breakfast. It’s a great way to start the day on Mars*.

It’s been a good few days here in the Dome, not for any particular reason. I guess the company 🙂 We actually had some struggles with the toilets again this week. Neil and Allen took on the task of waste removal and general maintenance this week. It was nice not to be elbow-deep in it personally for once 🙂 Although Sophie and I did take on some follow-up maintenance on Thursday.

We’re also a hair’s breadth from finishing up a User Manual for the Hab. There was one when we arrived, but it was so out-of-date that it had the systems that were in place for the first crew still on it, systems that were never even used by the last crew that was in here. So that’s all been fixed. It’s all beautiful now, with hyper-links, and how-tos, and a whole section on toilets!


Hm, maybe I should have named this post something about toilets, but Colbert wins the day still I guess.

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1 Response to End of an Era

  1. Great photo! ‘End of Era’ vs ‘Toilets’..,tough one! Nice to start on a positive note.


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