15 Seconds of Fame

Shortly after we entered the Dome, NBC came by to film some footage of HI-SEAS. They were in the area covering the volcano that’s erupting and about to wipe out a village, then heard about us and thought it would be cool to do a story on HI-SEAS. So they caught Joce and Soph doing a maintenance EVA, then sent us heaps of questions and requests for footage. It took us 3 days to shoot. There were individual questions to each of the crew members; a tour of the Dome; shots of us eating together; how we cook in the Dome; how we work out together. We sent them sooooo much footage! Also, because we can’t take anything too seriously, we put pictures of Brian Williams, the Tonight Show anchor, all over the Hab. He got a spot on our celebrity crush wall; he was in everyone’s bedrooms; the lab by the plants; inside the cabinet doors in the kitchen; even in the upstairs bathroom. Luckily NBC also has a sense of humour, so at least one Brian Williams photo made it into the final cut.

Anyways, without further ado, here’s our 15 seconds of fame on American national news:


Zak and I also gave some feedback on a voice messaging app that we’ve been using to simulate the type of voice communication we’d have on Mars. The App is called Voxer, and the article with us was in Information Week as of yesterday or today. It’s actually a pretty good article, not just a press release, so I was pretty happy about that.


And we have a New Years Video coming out, but it’s in Russian mostly, so I’m waiting for the subtitled version of that to get finished before sending it out.

For now, enjoy!

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