Names So Far

We’ve been getting some awesome name suggestions for the new crew member, and I thought I’d take a minute to share some of them with you.

“Pika Peak” or “Pikaia of Mars”. Pikaia is the name that was given to a 530 000 000 year old fish found in the mountains of Alberta.

“Rover” – suggested by several people, and we like it because it’s like a dog, but like the Martian rovers too

“Comet” because of the long, broad, wispy tail

“Laika” after the fist dog in space

“Ryba” which is fish in Russian

“Ram” – one of the suggestions that came to us from India. And it is a Chinese fighting fish!

“Atticus Fish”

And my personal favourite:

“Photon Beam Laser Ninja”

We’re also thinking of combining some of the shorter ones together into an awesomely long name. Stay tuned!

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