Sundays in the Hab

Zak and I did another Voxer interview. You can check it out here.

News from the Dome… Well, it was a quiet weekend, with Comms being an issue. Sunday was my day to cook (we each cook dinner once a week, and generally have one night of left-overs). I got up early and made cheese (haloumi, first cheese I’ve ever made!), and then chocolate chip scones with Zak (he did glutenous, I did gluten-free). Then I made pita bread, gluten-free flat bread, and gluten-free falafels (since the packaged stuff we have contains gluten). And yogurt with fresh dill from the garden. It was a great cooking day.

The scones, or some other sort of breakfast treat, are a bit of a Sunday tradition in here now, and we eat a nice brunch/coffee, tea and scones over our Sunday debrief, sometimes with a recorded football game playing in the background. It’s a nice little Sunday discussion. We did Daily Debriefs during our NOLS training, but decided that we really only needed that once a week in here, or after any incident that required review. The debrief questions have started to get stale though, after 3 months of use. Two weeks ago everyone was pretty quiet, and didn’t have much to say, and it was a bit depressing trying to draw people out. I was tasked with freshening up the debrief for this past week.

After a lot of thinking, and reading, and asking for advice, and pondering, the best thing I could come up with for getting more involvement in the weekly chats was something that Justine and Mat use on their daughter Margot. Margot is in JK, or maybe kindergarden now, and if you ask her “what did you do today?” it’s a bit over-whelming and she can’t think of anything and doesn’t answer. BUT if you ask her “Margot, did you have a happy moment today?” she can tell you her happy moment. And then do the same for a sad moment (or a moment of frustration, or similar). So we tried that, and it was really nice to hear everyone’s happy moments, and also what frustrated them over the course of the week. So I’m going to keep that. Thanks Margot!

We also did a fantastic job on our geology task last week, that I don’t think I’ve written about yet. So here’s a photo of some of the crew out on EVA doing measurements on skylights with a tool we made – the TAD – basically a big fishing pole with a telltale on the end to check wind flow direction in lava tubes. Enjoy!


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  1. lenioma says:

    Ask the crew what MOMC can make for them when you get out can practise!


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