Final Days of the Fish Naming Contest!

We’re going to start wrapping up the contest. We’re going to give it until next Friday (Feb 6), and then we’ll tally up the votes and have a winner. Below is the short-list of names we like, and and their contributors. If you’d like to vote for your favourite and help us name our fish, check out the survey here. Thanks for your help!

“Rover” – Suggested by Ken Kopp and Matthew Drennan. We like this one because it’s suggestive of the Mars rovers, as well as being a good dog name.

“Marvin” – the Martian, obvs. Suggested by Mike Horner, David Hampton, and my nephew Big Liam.

“Moby Dick” – courtesy of Mike Horner.

“Rocket Fish” – from one of the crew member finalists, Ed Fix.

“Comet” – again from Ed. Thanks!

“Pika Peak” – The first fish from Earth is called Pikaia, 530 000 000 years old. It was named after Pika Peak, a mountain in Alberta, Canada, and your fish is Pikaia of Mars, or Pika Peak of Mars. Suggestion from Mehri in Azerbaijan

“Sushi” – yum! From Caylin Kojima and Jessica Ainsley at the Hawaii Preparatory Academy

“Sisyphish” – Jessica Ainslie, of HPA again (think Sisyphus)

“Atticus Fish” – Jessica Ainslie, on a roll (think Atticus Finch)

“Photon Beam Laser Ninja” – from Pete, Amanda and Keira in Maryland

“Nova” – as in supernova. From Allen’s sister, Kristina.

“Fins” – from Sasha in Pennsylvania

“Pluto” – Another good dog name, from Sasha

“Raj” – Suggested by Pavan, in Florida

“Senya” – Courtesy of Lesya, in Vladivostok, Russia

“Orion” – From Everett, at Suddaby School in Kitchener, Ontario

“Laika” – After the first dog in space. From Tenille, in Waterloo Ontario

“Paul” – just ’cause, from Tenille.

“A Fish Called Wanda” – From my mom, Mary Anne, in Waterloo

“Blastoff McRocketboots” – from Heather Stoneham’s kindergarten class

“Bubbleface” – also from Heather Stoneham’s kindergarten class

“Mu” – since it’s a beta fish. Keeping with the Greek theme. From Zak’s mom, Bede, in Boulder, CO.

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