Half-Way Home

Yesterday at 17:17 we hit the half-way point in our mission. So as of today I guess we’re officially at risk of “third quarter syndrome”, although we all still feel pretty much the same today as we did any other day up to this point, from what I can tell.

So I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned on this mission so far, what new skills I have, and they are not skills that I expected to be building when I came in here. The list so far:

– Gluten-free baking skills

– Video editing skills

– Fixing treadmill motors

– Making yogurt and cheese

– Learning how to use a Mac

– Bokashi composting

– Hydroponics

– Dealing with composting toilet skills

Very homestead-y. The crew is still great. We had a lot of fun yesterday, celebrating our half-way point, and officially becoming the longest duration Mars simulation crew in North America. So we’ll get to wear the crown for about a year and a half, at which point the 1-year mission that follows us will supplant us.

And so what did we do to celebrate? Bake a gluten free cake, cover it in frosting and Reese’s Pieces, and eat cake for dinner. Play Cranium, Cards Against Humanity and darts. And dance dance dance the night away!

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