Staying Fit on Mars

One of the surprising highlights of the mission has been our group workouts. I was really worried about losing my fitness while here – we have a treadmill, but it’s really noisy, and I feel awkward about using it when people are working, and we don’t have enough energy at night to use it after the sun goes down. There’s an exercise bike which is ok, but again, it’s kind of weird working out while others are just working. Luckily during the first week of the mission someone had the brilliant idea of doing these P90X workout videos, and it’s been really great. They’re funny, people (not me yet) who couldn’t do pull-ups before can now do pull ups, and it got us into a workout groove.

Part of Jocelyn’s research is studying our health and sleep patterns over the course of the mission. We all have these Jawbone wrist bands that we wear all day, and they track our step count and sleep. And then for workouts we have a few HexoSkins that were sponsored to Jocelyn for the mission. They’re workout shirts with heart rate monitors embedded in them, and they track your heart rate and breathing. They’re pretty cool, and make you look like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider while working out in them.

Joce recently put together a video of us working out in HexoSkins, as a thank-you to HexoSkin for the support. It’s pretty good. Check it out to get a feel for our Martian workouts. I dare you not to smile at Neil’s upward dog at the end 🙂

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