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A Bit More Driving Range Practice

Joce and I did a bit of sunset golf at the end of our last EVA. I got the white suit this time, and Joce the HAZMAT. I wish we had two white suits!

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Happy Birthday Big!

Happy 12th birthday to my nephew, Big Liam! I hope you’re having a good party this weekend! Your gift from Aunt Mars on Mars*: we wrote your name in the lava rocks here, and took some photos. This way, in … Continue reading

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Hab Tour

Finally have a video introducing the Dome sweet Dome. Check it out here:

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Water Filtration Outreach Project

We worked with some kids in Nevada on a water filtration project, to try and clean up our used dishwater so it can be used again. They sent us a video of one of their solutions that worked for them, … Continue reading

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Playing With A Mars Handicap

We may shoot a couple strokes higher because of our suits.

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Harvest Season

We got our first tomato and first mushroom yesterday! Along with some basil, made for a very tiny, very tasty appetizer before dinner yesterday.

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Water Recycling on Mars

We started up 6 major outreach projects with a number of schools in the Clark County School District in Nevada, as you recall, and one of them was a water recycling project. I think that was the one with the … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day!

It’s a few days late, but here’s the French silk pie that I made for pie day. Gluten-free graham cracker crust courtesy of Neil, and recipe from the Jane Bond.

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Running Out of Gas on Mars*

It has been dark, cold and rainy up here on fake Mars for nearly two weeks now. Saturday night we hit energy crisis mode. In general we run off solar power, but with so little sun we have been relying … Continue reading

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Sense of Accomplishment

A few days ago we finally finished off a puzzle my mom had sent us for Christmas. Check it out: We’d set it up on Sophie’s desk, thinking it wouldn’t take more than a week. I think it was closer … Continue reading

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