Harvest Season

We got our first tomato and first mushroom yesterday! Along with some basil, made for a very tiny, very tasty appetizer before dinner yesterday.

2015-03-20 01.12.39

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2 Responses to Harvest Season

  1. Pekr says:

    I find it really interesting and follow your blog over RSS feed,
    how much vegetables can you harvest ? or how much food have you in the storage ?

    Ps. I would like to be a part of the experiment 🙂


    • marthalenio says:

      I’m glad you find the project interesting! The garden is rather small, but we have a pretty much constant supply of herbs in some format, and I was aiming for salads every 2 weeks, but the weather has been so cold the latest batch of lettuce has taken nearly 4 weeks longer than I’d expected it to. Generally we can get cilantro, dill, and basil almost whenever we like. Lettuce and sprouts ideally every 2 weeks. Tomatoes have just started, but we should have a couple dozen, which will be nice, and we’re doing our second harvest of bok choi tonight.

      In storage, we have 2 to 8 months worth of freeze-dried food, depending on the food. We get some things resupplied throughout the mission, every two months.

      And if you want to be part of the experiment some day, keep an eye on hi-seas.org. I think they’re trying to get another 3-years of funding, so if they’re successful they’ll be putting out another call for applications sometime in the next year or two. Good luck!


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