Less Than 6 Weeks To Go, and an Article in German

Hello all! It’s been a while. We had a news article come out in German, so in case you can read German here it is:


We’ve been busy here finishing up all the research that we want to get done by the end of the mission. I’ve been working on an article for the garden, and want to start one about all the outreach we’ve been doing as well. We also have an outreach project that we haven’t even started yet, so I’m going to be helping Sophie out with that over the next couple of weeks.

Also, the last geology task we were given was a “make your own geology task” challenge. Joce and I stepped up to that big time to try and make it as science-y as possible. It may not work, but we’re having fun trying.

I don’t have much else that’s exciting to share, so I’ll just finish off with some photos of some of the research stuff going on. Terrible photo of us calibrating our light sensors off the solar panels outside:

2015-04-27 13.18.28

And here’s another terrible photo of the sensors installed in the garden:

2015-04-30 00.05.19

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