It’s the Final Countdown!

Three weeks left, and I need to start sending you more updates, because a lot is going on.

When Joce put up her “final countdown” post on her blog, I knew it was ok to start sharing the exciting news. For our re-entry back to Earth, we’re going to be going skydiving with the US Army’s Golden Knights parachute team, and our 7th crew member, Tony Horton of the P90X fitness videos, is coming along for the jump!


Don’t smash your face! Thanks for the advice Tony!

In other news: Joce has a pretty involved Twitter campaign up and running. I’m not on Twitter, and can’t see the internet even if I did, but you should check it out. There are prizes that could be won, and other fun stuff. Challenges this week:

– What fun or useful thing should Zak next print on Mars* with his 3D printer? We only have one suggestion so far, so other ideas are most welcome! Comment either here or on Twitter.

– We’re going to have an eating contest this Saturday. We don’t have hotdogs here, so we’re doing rice noodles/ramen instead. Vote on who you think will win!

The news story of the day: We’re in VICE magazine! Check it out here:

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2 Responses to It’s the Final Countdown!

  1. lenioma says:

    We need one of these for our IQ game at cottage there should be only one empty hole.


  2. lenioma says:

    Never mind found it behind couch – think a mouse was nibbling on it lol still he could make the IQ game?


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