Farewell Old Friends

My hiking boots and I have been on a lot of incredible adventures together, but Mars* has just about done them in. Check out my poor buddies:


They certainly won’d be water-proof anymore. Neil’s boots are so done in now that he has to hold the soles on with duct tape. So after this trip, my boots will finally be retired. Some of the good times we’ve had together:

  • Half-Dome, multiple times
  • Mt. Dana, at Tuolumne Pass
  • Upper Yosemite Falls, and actually probably every other hike in Yosemite Valley, multiple times
  • Backpacking in Cascades
  • The W-Trek in Patagonia
  • Mt. Roraima in Venezuela
  • Hikes in Bryce, Arches, and the Grand Canyon
  • Death Valley and Joshua Tree
  • Kings Canyon and Sequoia, Alta Peak was spectacular
  • Muir Woods, and all over the Bay Area
  • the NOLS course in Wyoming
  • Yellowstone
  • Mars*

And so much more. You’ve done me well, boots!

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