Hurtling Towards The Martian

The end of the mission is hurtling towards us at top speed and…

Sorry, I don’t have a good end-of-mission blog post yet. Zak, Joce, and Soph all do – you should go check out their blogs. I’m still in logistics mode in my head – making sure we have everything we need done by the end of the mission, making sure I have all the data I need, making sure all the researchers have all the data they need, planning for Hawaii, then California, then Edmonton… I don’t even know when I’ll be home yet, I don’t have a ticket the whole way.

In other news though, apparently the whole rest of the world out there is excited about the movie of “The Martian” that’s coming out in a few months. The book is a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy science and engineering and survival stories. Like, it’s not Shakespeare or anything, but it’s a fun read. We had the trailer sent to us on Mars*, and now we’re excited too. Check it out:

And today’s xkcd is pretty awesome as well:

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