Moving House

Sophie and I spent the whole day doing inventory again. It was exhausting, but we are sooooo close to being done now. We have this leeeetle pile of food that’s expired or soon to be expired that will be following us along to debrief, and a few random spices and stuff, but then we’re done.


Zak’s finished the workshop, Neil’s nearly done the lab. The Hab was a disaster, but it’s starting to look pretty good again. Check out the SeaCan! It’s now a thing of beauty:


It hasn’t really sunk in yet that tomorrow is my last day in the Dome with these lovely people. We still have a few days on the outside together for debrief, but then everyone’s splitting up. I’m excited to be able to see new people, but I’m sad I’m not going to see these crazy Martians every day as well. It has been an experience.

I have family and friends coming to see us come out of the Dome on Saturday. For those of you who can’t come for a crazy Hawaiian/Martian vacation, there will be a livestream set up for the day: I don’t really know the time, or how it works or anything yet, but I’ll let you know via the blog when I know. We exit the Dome at 8am HST, at any rate. Not sure on the timing of the sky diving exactly, and it’s all a bit weather dependent anyways.

Sophie and I just got back in from another one of our oddly-timed, random EVAs. The Bots left some trash outside, and we had to go out and retrieve it and bring it back in. It had rained, so our cardboard recycling was a bit soggy. But it was worth it – even in the HAZMAT suits the sky was amazingly clear, and we could see the Milky Way, and soooo many stars! I’m excited to be able to see the sky unhindered again now.

I’m starting to think that it may actually be really weird to see other people again.

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1 Response to Moving House

  1. pj says:

    I would like to follow the livestream tomorrow 🙂 , but unfortunately, between hawaii and germany is a 12-hour time difference 😦
    But I wish you all tomorrow, well at 8am HST ^^ a nice day 🙂


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