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This is another post I meant to write a couple weeks ago, but am just getting to now. On October 15th, 2014 I entered the Dome with 5 other wannabe astronauts. On October 15th, 2015 I had the good fortune … Continue reading

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Re-adjusting to Life on Earth

I meant to write this post after about a week, but things have been pretty nuts. I had family come to see me get out of the Dome, and we’ve been on vacation being tourists ever since. I’ve slowly, one-by-one, … Continue reading

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Moving House

Sophie and I spent the whole day doing inventory again. It was exhausting, but we are sooooo close to being done now.¬†We have this leeeetle pile of food that’s expired or soon to be expired that will be following us … Continue reading

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2 Days Left, and Some Interviews

2 days left! 2 days left! Sophie and I have been madly working on the food inventory for the past 2 days, with Sophie doing the lion’s share and me helping as much as I can. It’s exhausting, but hopefully … Continue reading

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Hurtling Towards The Martian

The end of the mission is hurtling towards us at top speed and… Sorry, I don’t have a good end-of-mission blog post yet. Zak, Joce, and Soph all do – you should go check out their blogs. I’m still in … Continue reading

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Farewell Old Friends

My hiking boots and I have been on a lot of incredible adventures together, but Mars* has just about done them in. Check out my poor buddies: They certainly won’d be water-proof anymore. Neil’s boots are so done in now … Continue reading

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Real Science on Fake Mars

Ok, this is super cute and made my day today. We’ve been doing these “Real Science on Fake Mars” science projects with elementary school kids in Clark County School District in Nevada. My first post about it was way back … Continue reading

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