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Less Than 6 Weeks To Go, and an Article in German

Hello all! It’s been a while. We had a news article come out in German, so in case you can read German here it is: ‎http://www.dw.de/eine-reise-zum-mars-auf-hawaii/a-18393741 We’ve been busy here finishing up all the research that we want to get … Continue reading

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Harvest Season

We got our first tomato and first mushroom yesterday! Along with some basil, made for a very tiny, very tasty appetizer before dinner yesterday.

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Sundays in the Hab

Zak and I did another Voxer interview. You can check it out here. News from the Dome… Well, it was a quiet weekend, with Comms being an issue. Sunday was my day to cook (we each cook dinner once a … Continue reading

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Comms Black Out

Pretty much all our internet traffic runs through a router on Mauna Kea, which had a hardware fail last night, and we just got comms back about an hour ago. Given that it was a hardware issue, that our PI … Continue reading

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Names So Far

We’ve been getting some awesome name suggestions for the new crew member, and I thought I’d take a minute to share some of them with you. “Pika Peak” or “Pikaia of Mars”. Pikaia is the name that was given to … Continue reading

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Why We Need Plants and Animals in Space

We recently received a fish and aquaponics set in one of our resupply shipments. Certainly having plants as part of a Mars mission is important. But animals? It seems difficult. Is having animals realistic of what a real mission would … Continue reading

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Our Newest Crew Member!

Well, it’s not a chicken, but it’s still pretty cool. This little guy moved into the garden on the weekend, and has some aquaponics going on on the top of the tank. He doesn’t have a name yet, so we’re … Continue reading

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Composting on Mars

So believe it or not, my project here is gardening! I do not exactly have a green thumb, so if I can grow veggies indoors under artificial lights, anyone can. One of the things I wanted to do that’s related to … Continue reading

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